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Industrial plants that are faced with increasing availability requirements too often struggle with implementation of reliability improvement programs. 

Often organizations hire outside consultants who study a plant’s asset management and maintenance practices, report deficiencies and develop an academic roadmap for change.  These attempts are frequently unsuccessful because an attempt to change to a maintenance philosophy that is not developed from within the organization lacks ownership and real buy-in, and within a short time the given roadmap to change is lost. 

Mobius Institute’s commonsense approach to reliability improvement is unique by enabling an organization to build a solid foundation of understanding and buy-in of practical reliability objectives with a broad base of plant stakeholders.  This approach allows the program to develop organically and take hold at an early stage, which significantly eases culture change and improves the rate of success. 

The iLearnReliabilityTM series of training products was developed to get you on the right track and help focus all plant stakeholders so that you will be successful in implementing a practical and sustainable reliability improvement program. We believe that your own staff holds the key to making the necessary changes within the plant; iLearnReliability gives you the tools to help you make the changes.

iLearnReliability presents Plant Empowered Reliability ImprovementTM (PERITM) that is achievable and sustainable through management, condition monitoring and precision maintenance training, and plant-wide awareness using a team-led, commonsense approach.

iLearnReliability is comprised of four series of engaging training topics that target all the reliability stakeholders in a plant; general management, reliability program and maintenance managers, condition monitoring and precision maintenance specialists, and plant operators and craftspeople.  The training modules range from short "toolbox talks" and "manager briefings" that only take a short time to complete, through to detailed training that educates the people who need to the condition monitoring or precision maintenance skills.  And they include detailed modules that explain the condition monitoring technologies, program management and other topics:  

 Financial justification

  • Establishing a CM program
  • Running a successful program
  • Condition monitoring
  • Precision maintenance
  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Infrared thermography
  • Electric motor testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Field balancing
  • Shaft alignment
  • And much more... 


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