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iLearnVibration [Interpreter]: Vibration analysis assistance



Quick facts

iLearnVibration [Interpreter] helps you to analyze spectra.  It works on your computer alongside your vibration analysis software.  It supports all of the major vibration analysis software programs, and even some of the minor ones!



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Simply click on the links below to add the item to the shopping cart (and to see the price): 

   iLearnVibration [Interpreter] - Single user
   iLearnVibration [Interpreter] - Team 5
   iLearnVibration [Interpreter] - Team 10
   iLearnVibration [Interpreter] - Team 20

Includes CD, USB Dongle, Single Domain License Manager. Team "N" = One dongle, licensed for up to "N" simultaneous users located within one plant or facility.

A Helping hand from an experienced analyst

How would you like to have an experienced analyst help you with your spectrum analysis work?  What if this analyst was great at finding hidden harmonic and sidebands patterns, and could then make suggestions as to what the patterns might indicate.  Would it make you get through your work more quickly?  Would you feel more confident that you were less likely to miss any faults?

And what if you could take all the credit for the great results and only had to pay the analyst a pittance? Well, it is too good to be true!  But the next best thing is iLearnVibration [Interpreter].

iLearnVibration [Interpreter] is a unique product.  Interpreter will analyze a spectrum while it is being displayed in your vibration analysis software - you do not need to export it; Interpreter looks at the pixels on the screen.  Interpreter will highlight the major peaks, and the harmonics and sidebands.  Then it will suggest what the peaks and patterns may indicate: misalignment, bearing fault, broken rotor bars, etc.  And it can link to iLearnVibration to teach you more about the fault and the steps you should take to verify and correct it.

Supported software

iLearnVibration [Interpreter] reads the spectrum directly from the computer screen. It supports RBMWare, Machinery Health Manager, Odyssey, Machine Analyst, ASCENT, ExpertALERT, OMNITREND, and other packages.  You do not need to export the spectra or do anything special - just drag the hand icon from the system tray on to the spectrum while you are analyzing it.


Watch this animation to see how it works: 

You can see a narrated presentation here

You don't have to use it on every spectrum; just the spectra that are tough to analyze, or where you think a fault condition may exist (but you can't solve it).

Using Interpreter is easy:

  • View the spectrum in your analysis software as usual.
  • Drag the Interpreter "helping-hand" icon from the system tray to the graph.
  • Markers will appear to indicate where harmonic or sideband patterns have been found.
  • One or more suggestions for each pattern is given (misalignment, looseness, etc.)
  • An explanation is provided for each suggestion.
  • If you own the iLearnVibration training, it can be opened at the topic that describes that fault condition.

You can go a lot further with Interpreter.  You can build machine models, recall bearings from a database (to check frequencies), overlay forcing frequency labels, and more.  Interpreter is very powerful, but you can keep it very simple too. 


iLearnInterpreter presentations

Click on the link below to view a narrated slide show describing the iLearnInterpreter diagnostic tool.

You can see a narrated presentation here

Alternatively, you may prefer to download the presentation and run it on your own computer.  Simply download this 2.3 MB file, unzip it, and run the program.  Nothing is installed on your computer.

iLearnInterpreter presentation download

iLearnInterpreter movies:

  1. iLearnInterpreterDemo: See it, or download it [5MB]

  2. iLearnInterpreterTutorial: See it, or download it [3.7MB]

  3. iLearnInterpreterModelMaker: See it, or download it [1.9MB]

  4. iLearnInterpreterCommands: See it, or download it [2.3MB]


iLearnVibration [Interpreter] is intended for use by one person on one computer.  If additional people would like the assistance that iLearnVibration [Interpreter] provides, additional licenses can be purchased.

Computer requirements

iLearnVibration [Interpreter] is a Windows based product.  If your vibration analysis software will run, iLearnVibration [Interpreter] will run.

Please note that on Vista computers the screen must be set to 32 bit colors.