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iLearnVibration [ProPak]: Experience at your fingertips



Quick facts

Training is essential, but experience is just as important.  Analyzing data builds experience, however making mistakes can be very costly.  So we offer iLearnVibration [ProPak] to help you gain experience without fear of failure. ProPac is included in our most popular prooduct, iLearnVibration [Professional]


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Simply click on the links below to add the item to the shopping cart (and to see the price): 

   iLearnVibration [Standard]  single user 
   iLearnVibration [Standard] - Team 5
   iLearnVibration [Standard] - Team 10
   iLearnVibration [Standard] - Team 20

iLearnvibration [Professional] is iLearnvibration [Standard] + iLearnvibration [ProPac]

   iLearnVibration [Professional] - Single user
   iLearnVibration [Professional] - Team 5
   iLearnVibration [Professional] - Team 10
   iLearnVibration [Professional] - Team 20

iLearnvibration ProPak - Upgrade from standard to professional or use standalone

   iLearnVibration [ProPak] - Single user

Includes CD, USB Dongle, Single Domain License Manager. Team "N" = One dongle, licensed for up to "N" simultaneous users located within one plant or facility.

Online course - Order now and begin learning immediately!!

   iLearnVibration [Basic] - 6 month subscription
   iLearnVibration [Intermediate] - 6 month subscription
   iLearnVibration [Basico] Español - 6 meses curso en linea
   iLearnVibration [Intermedio] Español - 6 meses curso en linea

iLearnvibration [ProPak] is a software package that provides four key functions:

 Case Histories 

Learn from real data from real machines

A library of historical and "live" data from real machines with real faults - you can analyze it on screen or play it into your analyzer.

 Test Rig 

Learn with real data from real test rigs

A library of "live" data from a test rig that has a range of faults induced - again you can analyze it or measure it, all without ever having to manually adjust the fault demonstration rig.


Simulate signal processing, and signal mixing

A virtual signal generator that allows you to build signals and simulate beating, modulation and much more. 

 Machine Faults 

Understanding the vibration generated by machines

A machine modeler and simulator - drag and drop machine icons to build machines, see the forcing frequencies, and simulate the spectra.


Case histories - Build experience and confidence

The only way to become experienced and confident with vibration analysis is to try it yourself.

You need to view historical data so that you can see first-hand how the vibration patterns change as faults develop. You also need access to real "live" vibration data, straight from the machine.  The case histories module provides a library of fifty machines with historical and live vibration readings, complete with reports and pictures.

You can analyze the vibration graphs in our software, or you can "play" them into your data collector, and analyze them with your own system.


Test-rig - Sharpen your skills

Another way to gain some measurement and analysis experience is with our "virtual" test rig (also known as a fault demonstrator).

We have set it out of balance, we misaligned the gears, we installed bad bearings, and much more, and then recorded vibration at a number of points on the rig, in three axes.  All you do is select the fault condition, select the test point and axis, and the data is yours.

You can analyze the vibration on screen, or play it into your data collector.

Imagine, a test rig that can be set up in seconds, with great data every time - and no skinned knuckles!


Signals - Build a strong understanding

To ensure that you are using your data collector properly, and to help you perform special diagnostic tests, it is important to understand "signals" and "data processing".

By turning a couple of knobs, you can build signals and study the waveform and spectrum.  And via the tutorial panels, you can easily study more complex issues like modulation and beating, and data processing tools like windowing, resolution and averaging.  You can do it all on the Signals tab.

These topics are all covered in the training, but there is nothing like having free access to the tools to experiment by yourself.


Machine faults - Understanding the source of forcing frequencies

One of the keys to spectrum analysis is understanding the relationship between the machine and the peaks you see in the spectrum.  We have created a machine modeler - you simply drag-and-drop the machine icons and build the machine.  The frequencies are calculated and the vibration is simulated.

You can then experiment with band alarms and envelope (mask) alarms in order to better understand how they work (and their limitations) - and to see how they should be designed for a more complex machine.

What next?

iLearnVibration [ProPak] is an excellent product for the new vibration analyst and the more experienced analyst alike.  This product has been used by thousands of people around the world; shouldn't you benefit from it as well?

You can order iLearnVibration [ProPak] on-line here.  Alternatively, if you contact us, or one of our resellers, we would be happy to provide a quotation.