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Reliability / Condition Based Maintenance

Improving Reliability and Utilising Condition Monitoring Training:

Quick facts

The combination of reliability improvement (through precision maintenance practices), condition monitoring, and root cause failure analysis provides the best all-round approach to reducing maintenance costs and improving

Delivered in a two days (or three if appropriate), it is possible to give people are more thorough understanding of

these important topics. This course is ideal for Reliability Engineers and Condition Monitoring program leaders.


2 days (3 if appropriate)


Course Description:  Download the full course outline 

This course is ideal for any person who is considering starting a condition monitoring program or who wishes to

improve reliability at the plant. The first step in implementing such a program is to understand the goals and

benefits. The second step is to understand the practical steps that can be implemented to improve reliability.

And the third step is to understand the condition monitoring technologies, and how they can provide early

warnings about possible machine failure. (The fourth step is to have a plan to implement a successful program.

This is summarised in this course, but it is available as a two day course: "Establishing and Operating and

Successful Condition Monitoring Program".) Thanks to the Mobius Institute animations and simulators, you will

be surprised at how much you learn and understand about the condition monitoring technologies.

Who should attend?

Reliability engineers; condition monitoring team leaders; plant managers, maintenance managers and others in

the maintenance and production departments who wish to understand why reliability should be improved, and

how to improve it. If you already have a reliability or condition monitoring program, this course will help to

better understand what it is all about. If you manage such a program, this course will help you to inject new life

and ideas into that program.

What is unique about this course?

RMS makes it unique. We spent a lot of time, effort and money to generate modern slides, illustrations, 3D

animations, and software simulators to make these topics very easy to understand, and to captivate you during

the course. There is nothing surer; if you are bored or confused you won't learn a thing and you will have

wasted your precious time. Our presentations and instructors are lively and animated, and you will understand,

and remember, the topics we teach. You will go back to your plant feeling energized and prepared to take on all

the challenges.


Case studies will be presented throughout the course that demonstrate the financial benefits of predictive

maintenance and reliability, and they demonstrate how each technology can be implemented in order to detect

fault conditions and diagnose the severity and nature of the fault condition.

Course Description: Download the full course outline