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RMS Reliability Training Institute Distance Learning Training 

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Quick Facts

RMS Reliability Institute offers distance learning courses for vibration analysis at the Category I, II and III level.  You can learn at your own pace, with assistance from an instructor, and optionally take the exam at the end of the course. 

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Distance learning benefits

If the high cost of travel and accommodation, and the time away from your family and work has stopped you from receiving the training that you need, then you should consider our distance learning courses.

At a time that is convenient to you, and at a pace that works best for you, you can take our lessons and learn in a very similar way to attendees of our classroom courses.  Depending upon the course, you can either view fully narrated slides, or you can watch a video of the class in action. 

Narrated slides

Utilizing the popular iLearnVibration and iLearnAlignment products, we offer distance learning courses where you can view the lessons at your own page, in your own time, and get assistance from an instructor when any questions arise.  Of course, you can just buy the products and learn at your own pace without assistance, but you are sure to benefit from interaction with the instructor.  In certain courses, you can also interact with other students.

The distance courses are described here.

Video lessons

These are not noisy, unprofessional videos taken from actual classrooms, each video was carefully created and edited so that you receive the full benefit.  As you can see in this sample, you see the instructor talking and you see the slides (and simulators) being used in high resolution.  All you need is a good Internet connection and a good monitor (1024x768 or better) and you will be ready to start learning.  You can pause and rewind the video so that you can see and hear the instructor cover the topic again.

In addition to the lessons, hands-on videos are presented where a variety of vibration analyzers are used to perform a range of tests.  The analyzers currently include (in alphabetical order) the AzimaDLI DCX, Commtest 4-channel VB-8, Emerson 2120 and 2130, PRUFTECHNIK VibExpert, Rockwell, SKF, and SPM Leonova Infinity.  The tests include demonstrations of averaging (linear, rms, and peak hold), bump tests, run up and coast down tests, simple ODS tests, bearing fault detection tests, phase analysis, live spectrum analysis, time waveform analysis, and more.

You can also perform activities defined by the instructor, and take quizzes that will be reviewed by the instructor.

This is a great way to learn.  The convenience of learning from home, and the reduced costs associated with travel, meals and accommodation make this a very attractive option - especially while the world's economy is still recovering.


RMS is an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and Approved Examination Centre (ATC) for British Institute of NDT 

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Mobius Certification

RMS is an Approved Training Centre (ATC) and Approved Examination Centre (ATC ) for Mobius Institute

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