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Vibration Analysis Introduction - Overview

Vibration Analysis Introduction Training:

Quick facts

How would you like to have a one-day overview seminar on vibration analysis delivered on your site? How would you feel, and how much better would your work go if everyone had an idea of what you did, and they all believed in the vibration analysis technology. Using our simulators and animations is sure to get the message across.


1 day 


Course Description: -Download the full course outline


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Course description:

Vibration analysis can tell you a great deal about the health of rotating machinery. But if you have a program, or you use consultants, then all of the terms and jargon can seem very confusing and misleading. Here is a chance to end all of that. With this one-day course you will learn the vibration fundamentals which will demystify the terms and concepts, and you will see how spectrum analysis can be used to diagnose faults, which is sure to make you a true believer.

Who should attend:

If you need to understand vibration analysis but don't have the time or desire to learn the details. If you have a consultant that presents reports that are impossible to understand, or an internal group that presents recommendations that are just as confusing, then this course will help to make sense of it all. And if you do not really trust that vibration analysis can accurately detect or diagnose faults, then you really need this course.

What is unique about this course?

RMS makes it unique. Vibration analysis can be confusing and very difficult to remember. Our courses are unforgettable in every sense of the word. Rather than making it theoretical (and boring), we take a very animated approach. Our 3D animations, Flash simulators, software simulators, and library of live case studies make the topics come alive. You will enjoy the experience, and you will find yourself saying "Ah ha, now I understand" again and again.

Course Description: - Download the full course outline